Good vs. Evil

Tonight: Glenn was in classic form tonight, beginning the show using Star Trek to explain “Good vs. Evil”. The days of playing left and right are over. We have allowed ourselves to become pawns in someone else’s game for power. This week promises to be an explosive one on the Glenn Beck Program…Glenn and staff will be breaking a huge story this week that will blow your mind. We are talking about people on tape planning the overthrow of the United States government. You will simply not believe your eyes..
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  1. mormonx says:

    Do you know Glenn Becks true beliefs, that he believes that he has the potential to one day be a God equal in power to the biblical “God.” That Christianity is a abomination? Mormons are not like Christians in the way that they can decide on their own doctrines, it is theocracy run by the church and it’s prophet, so what the Church believes is what you are to believe if you want to get to the third heaven. So I would suspect that Glenn as a good Mormon would believe what all mormons believe.. I’ve started exploring the crazy beliefs of Mormons here Glenn Beck Mormon Check it out and let me know what you think.

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